Lake / Town / Village

The Lake

Lake Ariel (the lake) is a 300 acre spring fed motor boating lake with four miles of shoreline and more than 200 private homes. It has a depth of over 100 feet deep and has an elevation of 1,440 feet above sea level.

One of the distinguishing features about the lakefront homes on Lake Ariel are the many large boathouses that are built along the shoreline. Early in the 20th century when millionaires were millionaires, the lakeshore was called “Millionaires Row.” Many of the lakefront homes have been with the same family for generations. It is rare to find a lakefront home go up for sale. . . . they are far and few between.

Lake Ariel is in the Lake Wallenpaupack Watershed Management District, where water quality is a primary concern throughout the watershed region. Promoting environmental values through best management practices has been a staple in the area for more than 30 years.

The Town

Lake Ariel (the town) encompasses more than 100 square miles (more than 65,000 acres) and runs south of Lake Ariel all the way to Lake Wallenpaupack. There are three popular vacation home communities in Lake Ariel, [Wallenpaupack Lake Estates,]   [The Hideout] and [Indian Rock]. All combined, there are more than 9,000 housing units in Lake Ariel, of which approximately 40% are owner occupied.

Lake Ariel has more than 8 miles of frontage on [Lake Wallenpaupack] – including prestigious lakefront communities like New Salem, Parkside, Lakeland Colony, Lakeland North, Paupack Glenn and Knollwood. Lake Ariel also has more than 2 miles frontage on the Wallenpaupack River.

Lake Ariel has a population of 16,000 residents and is in Lake and Salem Townships, Wayne County. The main roads in Lake Ariel are state roads – Routes 191, 296, 196, 590. Interstate Route 84 is the southernmost point in Lake Ariel.

The Village

Lake Ariel (the village) consists of approximately 1/2 mile of frontage on the Lake Ariel Highway, Route 191, just north of the lake. The two prominent buildings downtown are the Lake Ariel Elementary School and the St. Thomas More Catholic Church.

The first known business downtown was the First National Bank of Lake Ariel, which is now the Pennstar Bank. The Howe Oil Company, Lake Ariel Hardware Store and Wayne Auto Body are all downtown businesses all more than 50 years old. There are two eateries downtown, the Liberty Restaurant and Kay’s Italian Restaurant.

Just outside of the downtown area is the James Wilson Funeral Home, Julia Ribaudo Nursing Home, Agway and the Lake Equestrian Center.